The Silence After Applying: Why Applicants Don’t Get Feedback from Employers

The Silence After Applying: Why Applicants Don’t Get Feedback from Employers

Here are the top 5 reasons why employers might not provide feedback:

  1. High Volume of Applications: The influx of applications, facilitated by online job portals, overwhelms employers. Sorting through numerous CVs for each job opening makes it challenging to offer personalized feedback to every applicant.
  2. Time Constraints: Hiring managers juggle tight deadlines and multiple responsibilities. Their priority is swiftly finding the right candidate to fill vacancies and ensure operational efficiency. Amidst these time pressures, providing individual feedback becomes a luxury.
  3. Legal Concerns: Employers may refrain from giving feedback due to legal apprehensions. Providing feedback could potentially lead to discrimination claims or legal disputes. To mitigate risks, some organizations opt for a neutral stance by withholding feedback.
  4. Lack of Resources: Smaller companies or those with limited HR resources struggle to manage application volumes. They may lack the manpower or technology to review and respond to each applicant. Consequently, they prioritize efficient screening processes over individual feedback.
  5. Automated Application Tracking Systems (ATS): Many companies utilize applicant tracking systems to streamline recruitment. These systems use algorithms to screen applications based on predetermined criteria. If an applicant doesn’t meet the ATS criteria, their application may be automatically rejected without human involvement, resulting in no feedback.


While the absence of feedback from employers can be disheartening, it’s essential to recognize the various reasons behind it. Factors like high application volumes, time constraints, legal concerns, resource limitations, and automated systems contribute to this silence. As job seekers, proactive steps such as following up with employers or seeking feedback from industry professionals can increase our chances of receiving feedback. Remember, lack of feedback doesn’t diminish your worth as a candidate. Stay persistent, refine your skills, and pursue opportunities aligned with your goals for success in the job market.

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