4 Cover Letter Mistakes You Could Be Making

4 Cover Letter Mistakes You Keep Making

  1. Using a Generic Cover Letter for Every Job
    As a recruitment agency, we’ve always emphasized the importance of a tailored cover letter, and fortunately, many job seekers are beginning to understand its significance. However, some candidates still use a cover letter meant for a Customer Service position to apply for Administration Assistant jobs or an Accounts Assistant cover letter for Finance Officer roles. Despite apparent similarities, these positions differ significantly in job descriptions, roles, responsibilities, and required skills. Solution: Tailoring a cover letter for each job application might be time-consuming, but if you genuinely want to be hired, specificity is key. The purpose of a cover letter is to demonstrate to the HR manager that you have the qualifications for that particular job.
  2. Including the Wrong Information
    A CV and a cover letter are distinct documents that should be treated differently. Avoid explaining why you quit your last job or why you were fired in the second paragraph of your cover letter. You will have the opportunity to discuss these details during an interview if the HR manager asks. At the application stage, recruiters and employers are more interested in your present and future potential and how you can contribute to their company.
  3. Exceeding One Page
    We often get asked, “How long should a cover letter be?” The answer is to keep it to one page. Highlight your most relevant qualifications and what you can offer the employer. HR managers have many job applications to review, so they do not have the time to read lengthy cover letters. A concise, one-page cover letter is sufficient.
  4. Attention to Detail
    Small mistakes, such as spelling errors and typos, can significantly impact your chances with HR professionals. Always re-read your application before sending it to ensure it is error-free. It’s also helpful to have a friend review your document, as we often overlook our own mistakes. Additionally, ensure you address your cover letter to the correct company. Using the wrong company name is a common error that can occur if you reuse the same cover letter for multiple applications or make a careless mistake. Such errors cannot be undone, so double-check your application before submitting it. Lastly, your cover letter should always address the critical question employers have: “Why should I hire this person?”

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