How to Write a CV With No Experience

1. Have a Strong Personal Statement

A personal statement is a brief overview of your identity. It outlines why you are the ideal candidate for the role, highlights what you can contribute to the employer despite any lack of experience, and showcases what sets you apart from other applicants.

This approach will captivate the recruiter and secure their interest right away.

For example:

“I am a passionate and dedicated individual with expertise in web design and database creation. I possess strong technical abilities along with excellent interpersonal skills. I am eager to embrace new challenges to further develop and enhance my skillset.”

2. Emphasize more on Education Section

If your CV lacks work experience, it should prominently feature your educational background. Include relevant coursework, research projects, and any academic awards or honors you have received.

Emphasizing your educational accomplishments demonstrates your dedication to learning and your capability to acquire knowledge in your field.

3. Showcase Relevant Volunteer Work/Attachment and Internships:

Even without formal job experience, you might have participated in volunteer work or internships during your studies. Describe these experiences thoroughly, emphasizing the skills you developed and the impact you had.

Employers appreciate candidates who show initiative, dedication, and a willingness to contribute to their communities or organizations.

4. Customize for The Job You Want

Employers seek candidates who have a clear understanding of the role they are applying for, and demonstrating this knowledge will make your CV stand out. Recruiters frequently use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to scan CVs. When crafting a CV with no experience, incorporate relevant keywords from the job description throughout your document. Ensure your CV is formatted clearly and is easy to read, using concise bullet points and action verbs.

5. Proofread your CV

Another crucial aspect of writing a CV with no experience is to proofread it carefully to eliminate typos, misspellings, poor grammar, or incorrect punctuation. Make sure your CV looks clean and professional, with a legible font and well-organized information. Use bullet points to emphasize key achievements and skills, making it easier for employers to quickly scan through your CV.


Creating a compelling CV without experience requires time and effort. The Kenyan job market is competitive, but with the right strategy, you can distinguish yourself. This article provides the tools to build a strong CV, and for those looking for an added advantage, consider using our professional CV writing service.

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