How to Organize and Track Job Applications

How to Organize and Track Job Applications

Do you maintain a record of each job application you submit?

In this guide, we elucidate the importance of documenting job applications and how it can significantly aid in your employment endeavors.

Information is Key

Documenting details about your job applications is indispensable as it enables you to gain insights into:

The array of job opportunities available in Zambia

Employers’ prerequisites in terms of skills and qualifications

Essential actions to take (e.g., application deadlines, interview dates)

The success rate of your applications

This information offers valuable insights and serves as a potent tool in bolstering your chances of securing employment.

Essential Records to Maintain

When applying for jobs, it’s essential to keep records of the following:

Every job application you submit

Comprehensive job descriptions, including:

Job title

Organization name

Contact information, etc.

The date of application and the version of your CV or application submitted

Methods for Recording Information

If you come across job advertisements on, you can conveniently “Bookmark” the desired jobs. Simply click the “Bookmark” button below the job title, and it will be saved to your account. You can even add notes to each bookmarked job. To access all your bookmarked jobs, select “My Jobs” from the “Find Jobs” menu or visit

Alternatively, you may opt to create a spreadsheet to manage your records. Spreadsheets serve as an efficient means to store, organize, and analyze information. You can either develop your own spreadsheet or download a free template provided by Zambia Jobs.

To download our complimentary spreadsheet, visit: Job Application Tracking Spreadsheet


Maintaining a systematic record of your job applications is pivotal in your job search journey. By storing vital information, tracking necessary actions, and evaluating your performance, you can greatly enhance your prospects of finding employment in Zambia.

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