How to eliminate interview nerves

How to eliminate interview nerves
In the latest careers article from Go Zambia Jobs we explore 5 ways that you can overcome interview nerves and give yourself the best chance of getting a job in Zambia.

Tip 1. Change the way you think about job interviews

Think about the interview as an opportunity for you to help the employer. The employer is conducting the interview as they are looking for someone who can help their organisation. If you can think about the interview as an opportunity for you to show how you can help the employer this can reduce feelings of tension and anxiety.

Tip 2. Remember you have nothing to lose

Try to remember that whatever happens you will be OK. The worst case scenario is that you do not get offered the job. Even if this is the case you will ave learnt lots and gained valuable interview experience.

Tip 3. Conquer the fear of the unknown

For many people the biggest cause of interview nerves is the fear of the unknown.

What is the correct dress code?
What questions will the interviewer ask?
Do I have the skills and experience required?
It is important to note that you can overcome each of these issues by preparing in advance of the interview. Try to obtain information from friends or family members who may have worked at the organisation or for a similar organisation. Most likely, the answers will be straightforward and with a little preparation you can alleviate the cause of these fears.

Tip 4. Be an interview athlete

Most athletes ensure that they get enough rest and eat the right things to give them enough energy to perform. The evening before your interview try to get a good night’s sleep. On the day of the interview remember to eat properly and consider doing some simple physical exercise such as stretching or walking. Most people don’t realize that physical tension can impair the ability to communicate and that a little exercise can alleviate these problems and reduce nervousness.

Tip 5. Make positive associations

After the interview reward yourself by doing something that you love. Meet with a friend for a chat, watch the football, whatever. The important thing is to do something that you like in order to help you relax and to help you to associate the interview process with positive feelings and emotions.

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