Transport and Logistics Manager

  • Full Time
  • Zambia

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Our client is looking for a Transport and Logistics Manager to join their team. They will be responsible for managing the execution, direction, and coordination of all transportation matters within the Corporation including management and supervision of the motor vehicle workshop as well as overseeing the planning, procurement and supervision of the movement, distribution, and storage of raw materials stock according to the company’s needs.


  • Responsible for directing, coordinating, planning and overseeing tasks and operations within the Corporation involving transportation activities ensuring the legal requirements for road haulage are met including management and supervision of staff engaged under the transport and logistics department at all branch offices.
  • Plan, manage and evaluate logistics operations ensuring to liaise with internal stakeholders, suppliers and engaged transporting companies.
  • Create and implement best practices logistics, principles, policies and processes across the Corporation to improve operational and financial performance.
  • Deliver solutions to logistics problems while maintaining high levels of quality service within budgetary requirements.
  • Negotiate rates and contracts with transportation and logistics providers ensuring to recommend optimal transport modes, routes or frequency. Ensure to select transporters and monitor service against set performance criteria.
  • Resolve problems concerning transportation, such as routing, dispatch modes, product volumes or transporters and report results to assigned superiors,
  •  Ensure the integrity of inventory accuracy and manage stock movements with the help of direct reports.
  • Ensure to manage the movement of all the Corporation’s delivery vehicles between specified sources and destinations, combining different transportation modes and types to reduce their time to improve service, mitigate risks and that customers expectations are met.
  • Ensure to schedule routes, track delivery and trucks movements or vehicles on regular basis and avoid deviations.
  • Ensure all the Corporation’s products are delivered on schedule and to the correct destinations, ensuring to coordinate with the warehousing team to ensure proper distribution of products.
  • Manage the flow of incoming raw materials and outbound products ensuring to collaborating with different departments within the Corporation to enhance logistics.
  • Maintain organized records of vehicles schedules ensuring to conduct regular safety audit on all transportation equipment. Continually improve and develop business performance within the constraints of legislation, fuel costs and rising environmental pressures.
  • Ensure to organise the storage and distribution of raw materials stocks and that right products are delivered to the right location on time and at a good cost. Must ensure to utilise IT systems to manage delivery times and transport costs.
  • Monitor operations to ensure staff members comply with administrative policies, procedures and safety rules.
  • Develop criteria applications and procedures on road safety.
  • Manage, supervise and coordinate  work of employees who load, unload or transfer raw materials stock from suppliers delivery vehicle to the Corporation’s storage facilities.
  • Ensure to oversee the daily workflow and scheduling of the Materials Handling department.
  • Ensure to organise and coordinate activities and staff schedules fulfilment goals are met that distribution to user requesting departments are timely and accurate. Ensure the accuracy of inventories of raw materials stock storage facilities at all the Corporation’s branch offices.
  • Maintains raw materials stock inventory to include record keeping in an inventory management system ensuring to acquire additional stock as required, and distributing items from stock to fulfil requisition by user requesting departments. Ensure to control inventory levels and availability of raw materials stock during emergencies.
  • Purchase raw materials stock according to specifications ensuring to coordinate and supervise receiving and storage facilities procedures. Ensure to oversee distribution of raw materials stock within the Corporation. Ensure to maintain relationships and negotiate with suppliers including detailed records on procurement activity, materials quantity and specifications.
  • Organise and coordinate activities and staff schedules ensuring fulfillment of goals and that suppliers shipments are timely, accurate and undamaged. Ensure to collaborate with assigned superior and other departments to develop and modify  materials handling processes and procedures at all the Corporation’s branch offices.
  • Ensure the smooth running of the motor vehicle workshop, vehicles, and motorised equipment, to establish procedures and standards including equipment being in line with operational requirements and is used safely, properly maintained, ordering spares, manage stock control, supervise and manage staff in an efficient manner.
  • Manage the Corporation’s fleet of vehicles fleet of vehicles. Ensuring to maintain high quality service repairs of the Corporation’s delivery vehicles and motor vehicles at all the Corporation’s branch offices.   Ensure to arrange repairs and perform routine maintenance making sure vehicles are properly maintained.
  • Compile routine reports to the supervisor with regards the Corporation’s fleet of vehicles management aspect on a daily and weekly basis.
  • Ensure adequate safety measures are followed to protect the Corporation’s property and personnel.
  • Perform related tasks as required.

Key Skills:

  • Five (5) years previous working experience in such a similar role and should have demonstrated supervisory and leadership skills.


  • Full grade twelve (12) Certificate with a Degree in Transport and Logistics or similar with a business management qualification as an added advantage.

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