Multiple Positons/Jobs at Goldenlay

GoldenLay Ltd

Goldenlay is hiring. As the leading producer of eggs in Zambia, we are actively seeking highly skilled, motivated and experienced people to join our dynamic team. Please apply to the position you are suited for below, by clicking on the link and completing the form:
1. Feed Mill Manager
Oversee the procurement of materials, production of feed, quality, maintenance, costs, & safety of the feed mill operations. Apply:
2. Auto Electrician
Tasked with preventative maintenance, installations, fault finding, commissioning & attend to breakdowns of vehicles, trucks & tractors. Apply:
3. Automotive Mechanic
Oversee & carry out periodical services, fault finding, attend to breakdowns on trucks & farm equipment. Apply:
4. Truck Sales Drivers
Required different qualified drivers required to drive tractors, tippers, horse & sales trucks.
5. Poultry Attendant
Oversee the day-to-day management, responsible for the maintenance & wellbeing of the birds through satisfactory poultry husbandry. Apply:
6. Mechanical Fitters
Tasked with preventative maintenance, installations, commissioning, overhauls & attend to breakdowns of all poultry related equipment. Apply:
7. Stores Clerk
Help with the purchasing, procurement, stock & inventory management, issuing requirements whilst updating our stores data base systems. Apply:
8. Sales Clerk’s
Responsible to account for sales & stock records, coordinate deliveries, organize internal orders, stock takes, reports & assist with inventory control. Apply:
9. Sales Peddler’s
Responsible to sell eggs from a bicycle in highly populated areas to ntemba’s & customers, earning commission on each sale. Apply:
10. Shop Keeper – Sales
Oversee stock management, orders, sales, banking, peddler sales & stocktaking of farm shop.
11. Security Guards
Provide access control, protect company property & assets, as well as ensure safety to all personal. Apply: