Marketing Copywriter

Website Impact Enterprises

Impact Enterprises International, a technology company providing outsourced support services is looking for experienced Marketing Copywriters.

Company Overview:

We are a for-profit social enterprise delivering world-class outsourcing services such as data annotation, content moderation, and data entry. Launched in June 2013, we are seeking to become the  premier outsourcing company in Africa.

Originally based in Chipata, we partner with international marketing, artificial intelligence, and software companies to support their operations. All tasks are overseen by  managers and company executives. Internal training and workshops help develop the skills of all employees during their employment, allowing them to progress to new tasks over time. Visit our website to learn more:

The Role:

We are looking for Marketing Professionals/Marketing Content/Copywriters to generate engaging and informative content for various topics around the fields of Marketing. You will use your Marketing expertise by writing texts, making corrections, improving questions (prompts) and answers, ranking between different answers to questions, and asking and answering accurate and high-quality questions and responses on various topics. This will result in Large Language Models (LLMs) learning how to read, write, and communicate effectively on marketing-related topics in the English language.

As a Marketing Expert, you will assist in training generative AI models to become better writers and communicators in various contexts.

(Full time and Part-time opportunities)


Strong understanding of the fundamentals of Marketing (B2B and B2C), SEO, Social Media.
Undergraduate or Graduate Degree in Marketing or relevant fields.
Strong English writing skills
Well-versed in Grammar.
Familiarity with different writing styles/style guides.
Strong online research skills.
Natural learner.
Attention to detail, accuracy, and a commitment to delivering high-quality work.
Ability to produce high-quality work with minimal or no supervision.
Any experience in writing to train Large Language models is a plus.

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