Food Production Supervisor – Lusaka, Zambia

Avinu Group

We are currently seeking individuals who are passionate about food production and are eager to grow within a snack factory environment. Please note that this position is entry-level and requires a background in Food Science and production. If you meet these qualifications and are ready to embark on a career in snack manufacturing, we encourage you to apply. Emails:

Food Production Supervisor**


  • 1-2 years


  • Food Science Qualification is a must


  • 3 Authentic References

**Professional Outline: Production Supervisor Responsibilities**

I. **Supervision and Team Leadership**
– Provide guidance, training, and support to production teams
– Ensure the effective performance of staff members

II. **Production Planning and Scheduling**
– Develop schedules considering raw materials, equipment, and workforce
– Meet demand efficiently

III. **Quality Control**
– Monitor and enforce quality standards
– Address deviations promptly

IV. **Adherence to Safety Regulations**
– Implement safety protocols
– Ensure compliance with regulations

V. **Operational Efficiency**
– Optimize production processes
– Minimize waste

VI. **Inventory Management**
– Manage inventory levels
– Coordinate with procurement and logistics

VII. **Equipment Maintenance**
– Ensure equipment is maintained
– Coordinate timely repairs

VIII. **Training and Development**
– Train and develop staff
– Foster continuous improvement

IX. **Communication and Collaboration**
– Foster effective communication
– Collaborate with other departments

X. **Problem Resolution**
– Address issues promptly
– Resolve challenges in production

XI. **Budget Management**
– Work within budget constraints
– Optimize resources

XII. **Documentation and Reporting**
– Maintain accurate records
– Generate reports for management

XIII. **Compliance with Regulations**
– Ensure compliance with safety regulations
– Stay informed about legal requirements

XIV. **Continuous Improvement**
– Identify process improvement opportunities
– Enhance production efficiency and quality

To apply for this job email your details to