Chinese Translator

Keda Zambia Ceramics Company Limted.

Job Responsibility

1. Assist department head in manpower management and production management of the workshop.

2. Comply with the company’s various rules and regulations, respect the leadership, obey the work safety, be responsible for the work, strict yourself to the requirements, and complete the tasks of the department in time.

3. Cooperate with the leaders to do the daily management of the department, conduct inspections, labor discipline, safety production, and 6S on-site, find problems correct and deal with them in time.

4. Be responsible in guiding employees to improve the operation level, safety production, training for new employees, and conscientiously implement and publicize the company’s various management systems.

5. Assist in handling various personnel tasks within the department.

6. Assist the team to convene before and after the class to implement the spirit of the meetings.

7. Complete the temporary work assigned by the department.

Job Qualifications

1. diploma, bachelor’s degree or above.

2. Proficient in English, Chinese ,HSK5 or above is preferred.

3. Have studied or lived in China is preferred

4. One year working experience or above.

5. Familiar with MS software.

6. Good at communication and quick to learn things.

To apply for this job email your details to