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Position: Category Manager (Home Care)

Location: Zambia,Africa


The Category Manager plays a vital role in retail and various industries, specializing in the

management of a specific product category/s. This position involves deep analysis of market

trends, consumer behavior, and strategic planning to enhance product range, pricing, and

promotion. The goal is to optimize sales, increase profitability, and ensure that products align

with customer needs and market dynamics.


-Market and Trend Analysis: Thoroughly analyze sales, industry trends and consumer

behavior to inform product category strategies.

-Strategic Development: Formulate and implement long-term strategies for product

category growth and sustainability.

-Product Lifecycle Management: Develop and execute exit strategies for

underperforming products, ensuring focus on successful and profitable items.

-Demand Forecasting: Accurately predict product demand to maintain efficient

inventory levels, avoiding overstock and stock-outs.

-Pricing Strategy: Work closely with the sales teams to set competitive pricing,

balancing profitability and market competitiveness.

-Promotional Activities: Coordinate with marketing and sales teams to devise

effective promotional campaigns for the product category.

-Category Expansion: Conduct research and / or collaborate with buyers and sales

teams to identify opportunities for category expansion and diversification.

-Sales Analysis: Review sales performance data to identify trends, opportunities for

improvement, and areas of growth.

-Budget Development and Management: Work under the guidance of function heads

to develop and manage the budget for the category, ensuring cost-effectiveness and


-Supplier Contract Negotiation: Negotiate terms and contracts with suppliers to

secure advantageous agreements.

-Product Positioning: Determine optimal product positioning within the market to

maximize visibility and appeal to target consumers.

-Cross-Functional Collaboration: Work closely with various internal teams, such as

R&D, supply chain and finance, to align category strategy with overall business


-Market Research: Conduct and interpret market research to stay ahead of industry

changes and competitor strategies.

-Consumer Insights: Leverage consumer insights to refine product offerings and tailor

strategies to customer preferences.

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