Billing Clerk

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Role Description

At Mary Begg, the Billing Clerk is responsible for the efficient billing and invoicing of all medical/nursing services, medications, and consumables utilised by patients/clients visiting an MBHS facility.  He/she accurately bills patients/clients and follows up on all outstanding invoices.

The Billing Clerk professionally conducts herself/himself and always demonstrates good customer service toward our clients, visitors, health professionals and MBHS employees. He/she adheres to the MBHS Code of Conduct and maintains patient and staff confidentiality at all times.

Key Role Accountabilities

  • Ensure that MBHS standard operating policies and procedures are read, signed and followed with regard to the finance department.
  • Maintain an efficient patient medical billing and invoicing system that accurately captures all medical services (OPD/IPD care, lab work, diagnostic testing, specialist consultations, etc.) and medicines/consumables used, and submit a complete bill to the patient/client for payment.
  • Reconcile any outstanding invoices that are yet to be paid by clients/patients and maintain comprehensive records of pending cash payments.
  • Unconditional acceptance of the Mary Begg confidentiality agreement regarding patient information, staff information and all matters relating to Mary Begg business. Failure to comply will result in disciplinary action and/or dismissal from post.
  • Always adhere to the MBHS Code of Conduct and provide high quality, professional and friendly service at all times.
  •  Treat all clients, visitors and relatives in a caring, courteous and respectful manner and demonstrate good customer service at all times.
  • Be available to work any shift according to the roster’s requirements (morning, afternoon, night).

Key Responsibilities

  • Receive, assist and direct patients and their families, visitors and health care professionals in a courteous, efficient, and welcoming manner projecting a positive, friendly, and professional image.
  • Deal with enquiries from staff, patients, visitors, and other health professionals promptly and courteously.
  • Assist clients or family members in completing required payment/billing information.  Answer all questions the client may have concerning invoice payments. Refer to the unit leader for any issues you are unable to make clear.
  • Verify patients’ insurance or company medical coverage plan to facilitate accurate billing (KMH and TTC only).
  • Ensure that all consumables/medications used by the patient/client are itemised on the patients’ billing sheet to generate an accurate patient invoice.  Clarify with clinical/nursing/medical staff if patient billing sheets are incomplete and ensure the correct items/services are billed for.
  • Reconciliation of unused medications and consumables from ward patients on their discharge.
  • Ensure that daily billing sheets are handed on time by front office/nursing staff so that all patient bills are processed on the same day.  Ensure that client accounts are topped up as necessary.
  •  All corporate patient/client invoices must contain the main member’s mine number or Med-emass number, for easy invoicing.
  • Print out patient bills (for private paying patients) and collect payment.  Provide a receipt for all cash payments collected.
  • Review and appeal unpaid and denied claims (TTC, KMH only).
  • Work directly with the corporate clients, healthcare providers, and patients to get bills processed and paid on time.
  • Work with the finance department concerning lost receipts, receipts for insurance purposes, refunds, daily deposits of cash, credit card receipts, cheques, and credit problems and accounts receivables.
  • Receive copy of deposit slips for private paying patients.  Reconcile cash received against daily cash register.  Fill in a cash deposit slip and send money to the bank.
  • Enter the amount deposited in the pastel accounting system (for TTC and KMH only).
  • Maintain work operations by following policies and procedures.
  • Ensure that requests for photocopying etc., are met in a timely manner and are complete and of good quality.
  • Receive and make telephone calls as instructed. Identify yourself openly. Speak clearly and politely. Divert calls promptly or take messages ensuring accuracy of detail and timely delivery to the recipient.
  • Use appropriate MBHS infection control procedures, maintain your own work environment in a tidy and safe way and free from hazards.
  • Report promptly any incident or adverse event relating to staff, patients’ or visitors to the clinic/hospital manager.
  • Assess and report any problems with the computer programme or hardware to the IT Department, or any other member of management if IT is not available.
  • Respond to any ad hoc requests from the Assistant Clinic Manager/ Clinic Manager/ Unit leader from time to time.
  • Any other duties as assigned by the supervisor and other line Manager.

Professional Requirements

  • Must have a completed Grade 12 certificate with a merit or above in English language and Mathematics.
  • A Diploma in Business Administration or in accounting is an asset.
  • Good maths and accounting skills.
  • Proficient in MS Office (Word, Outlook and Excel) and G-Sheet.

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